Arc Flash Study

An Arc Flash study is a risk evaluation of a workplace facility that determines hazards and risks in relation to electrical systems. An expert in electrical safety conducts an assessment to ensure that a company understands the risks their workplace poses to their team and how to protect against Arc Flash incident. Assessment providers may also offer training to increase your team’s awareness and options for periodic reviews.

  • The on-site study results in arc-flash equipment labeling, fault current and coordination analysis, recommendations for improvements and requirements for proper personal protective equipment (PPE)

An Arc Flash study will identify areas of low risk, as well as those at high risk of an Arc Flash incident. This allows you to enclose your Arc Flash protection strategy accordingly. The study will also define the potential severity of injury at a given distance and locate the protection boundary at which there is a severe danger of second-degree burns.

  • Eco Safetech provides comprehensive arc flash studies by sending one of our experts to your convenience for a full, on-site assessment, arc flash modeling, equipment assessment relative to the fault current and clearing coordination of your system with detailed one-line electrical model drawings.

These evaluations are based on NFPA 70E, IEEE 1584, the OSHA 1910.269 requirements depending upon the application. Studies can be customised to include any and all of the following:

  • Fault current and coordination analysis
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Level recommendations
  • Arc Flash Equipment Labeling
  • Arc Flash Incident Energy Mitigation Strategies
  • Written Electrical Safety Programs

Arc Flash Study Standard

  • Arc flash study based on IEEE 1584 2018
  • OSHA 1910.269
  • Arc flash study in compliance with NFPA® 70E 2018
  • 1-phase, 3-phase arc flash hazard calculations
  • Star protective device coordination.
  • Arc Flash Result Analyzer
  • PPE Requirements Approval


  • Ensures the safety of the human and electrical system
  • Health Assessment of Circuit Breakers
  • Documents current facility conditions of the electrical system and possible safety and code concerns
  • Documents all electrical system components
  • Validates and documents a safe work environment
  • Identifies the proper level of PPE required based on the study
  • Provides a baseline for ongoing maintenance and logging of facility changes

An Arc Flash Study provides you with the knowledge required to keep electrical workers out of harm’s way.

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