Fire Safety Audits

Fire Safety Audit

Providing fire protection and overall life safety audit services to assist clients in achieving regulatory compliance and improving fire safety programs.

ECO Safetech fire safety consultant are carrying out regular Fire Safety Audits for High Rise Buildings,Hotels,Banks,Small,Medium and Large Scale Industries and more.

Fire Safety Audit

A Risk-Based Independent Third Party Fire Audit takes care of the fire-related issues and hazards in a plant, warehouse, facility or building.
Scored Assessment with Quantifiable Outcomes

You get a quantitative outcome of your fire safety performance and can compare multiple locations with this scored diagnosis tool.

Fire safety audits identify gaps in current control measures with respect to national/international standards and legal requirements.

Our methodology

Pre-audit preparation
Onsite visit, interviews, walk-in, task observation (onsite mock drills), discussion
Review of documents, records, tests
Report with observations, findings and recommendations
Review of the status after a specified time period

Fire Safety Audit Reports generally include an introduction, statutory compliance status, findings and observations, todos & recommendations, and a photo gallery

The Audit Report generally also contains Fire and life Safety risk prioritization and maturity scoring in a statistical dashboard.

Fire Safety Audit

Customised & Risk-Based Scored Assessment – Independent Third Party External Auditing Solutions

Passive Fire Protection

Review of the various active (fire hydrant, sprinkler, portable fire extinguishers) and passive fire protection

Identification & control

Identification & control of ignition sources in areas where flammable chemicals are stored/handled / transferred

Safety Training

Review of safety awareness and safety training requirements (training identification and efficacy) of employees with respect to hazards present.

Audit Methodology:

Fire Safety Audit Procedure:

– Walkthrough premises for Fire Risk Areas.
– Inspect prevention and suppression systems.
– Review layout and drawings.
– Evaluate existing firefighting systems.
– Assess training and awareness.
– Offer recommendations.
– Update risk management database.
– Prepare reports promptly.
– Arrange follow-up actions as needed.



  • To carry out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential Fire hazards involving personnel, premises, services & operation method

Applicable Codes

  1. National Building Code-2016
  2. Electricity Rule
  3. Local Fire Guidelines


Methodology the following points shall be checked for complete warehouse building

  1. To check adequacy of installed devices as per NBC-2016 requirements.
  2. To check the adequacy of fire safety arrangement in Server room
  3. To check housekeeping practices.
  4. To check Fire Detection and Alarm system for effectiveness.
  5. To check PA system
  6. To check Fire fighting Pump Room, Down comer for operation.
  7. To check sprinkler system in all areas.
  8. To check areas with special requirement.
  9. To check installed First Aid Firefighting devices for adequacy, re-filling and condition.
  10. Electrical Fire Hazards
  11. To carry out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential Fire hazards involving personnel, premises, services & operation method
  12. Fire Hazard Identification
  13. Fire Fighting System
  14. Fire detection and alarm system
  15. Gas suppression system
  16. Fire extinguisher
  17. To check Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP)
  18. To check Evacuation Plan
  19. Competency of fire fighting team
  20. First Aid Preparedness
  21. Safety Procedure during storage of combustible material
  22. Storage of Explosive material
  23. Fire Exit Signs
  24. Emergency Lightings

Audit Methodology:

The methodology of conducting the Fire Safety Audits involves the following:

  • A walkthrough of the premises and note down the Fire Risk Areas.
  • Check the Fire prevention and suppression system.
  • Review of the layout and drawings.
  • Review of the existing firefighting systems in the premises.
  • Review of the training and awareness regarding the availability and operations of the firefighting systems in and across the organization.
  • Recommendations for corrective and preventive actions
  • Update fire safety risk management data base
  • Prepare additional reports or relevant paperwork and send as soon as possible
  • If necessary arrange and undertake any follow up action etc.

Benefits of Fire Safety Audit:

Fire Safety audits enable the organizations to address the issues by identifying the following:

  • Identify all significant fire hazards.
  • Identify the people who are at risk from each hazard.
  • Evaluate if existing control measures reduce risk to a tolerable level.
  • Determine the required additional control measures.
  • Availability of adequate means of escape from the premises in case of fire.
  • Availability of suitable fire detection and firefighting facilities.
  • Availability of suitable emergency plan detailing responsibilities and actions of key personnel.
  • Training, information and instruction to all occupants of premises about fire safety.
  • Upkeep and testing of all fire safety equipment and precautions.

Auditors Profile:

A K Srivastava (Govt. of Haryana Certified Safety Auditor) is a Mechanical Engineer, PDIS from RLI, Trained trainer from various institutes of repute, Ex Group head EHS and Fire of Escorts group of companies. Our experts also conduct/validate Fire modelling and gas dispersion modelling of the hazardous/flammable storage. We have also expertise in conducting evaluation/validation of various types of Fire Installations including Hydrant / Sprinkler/Foam-based / Gas based Flooding / Rim Seal & Powder based systems.

We Do

Our team carries out fire safety audits as per various IS standards such as the Standard for Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System, Code of Practice for Selection,


Review of chemical compatibility in storage areas and to suggest appropriate fire loss control measures

electrical hazards

Review of electrical hazards which are potential causes of fire

Fire Detection

Review of fire detection measures adopted & suggest suitable improvement measures

Safety Awareness

Review of contractor safety awareness (chemical spill, fire fighting, emergency communication, knowledge of plant hazards & safety regulations) and recommend suitable improvement measures to enhance contractor safety

Training on Fire Safety and operating of fire Fighting Systems.

Requirements for chemical storage and handling areas and to suggest improvements as necessary

Performing a fire safety audit in India

Fires can cause severe damage to both life and property. A Fire Safety Audit is the best way to assess your facility's fire safety standards. A mock drill and emergency preparedness training are also included as part of this program, which helps the owners determine what improvements they can make and develop an action plan. High-rise fire safety audits are conducted by Eco Safetech Consultant on a regular basis

In addition to buildings, hotels, banks, small, medium, and large scale industries, we also provide maintenance services. The fire safety audit is conducted by our team in compliance with various IS standards such as the Standard for Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, Code of Practice for Selecting, Installing, and Maintaining Emergency Fire Extinguishers, National Building Code, 2005 and the Code of Fire Safety of Buildings, among others. We also assist with creating emergency plans for fire safety and conducting mock drills.

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