Harmonic Analysis Study

The current significant growth in electronic devices focusing providing our installations has given rise to a significant change in the last few years on the type of loads connected to the electrical distribution system. Not so long ago the only concern there was when using electricity at home, in establishments and productive centres was simply the voltage, without giving a thought to anything other than whether the equipment and devices were working or not. These devices, present equipped electronics which in some way or another provide increased performance in the tasks and productive processes we carry out. Everyone uses computers for their personal use, for the process, control of any production system with variable speed drives, air conditioning units, lifts which adjust slowly on approaching the destination floor etc. These devices equipped with promoters, modulators and distort the current wave form for them to work properly.

Technical costs

The Cost which brings about a loss of performance on our installation.

  1. Loss of capacity on energy distribution line
  2. Transformer overload
  3. Conductor overload
  4. Voltage drop
  5. Derating of transformers
  6. Losses on lines and machines due to the Joule’s effect
  7. Magnetic losses on electrical machines

Economic costs

The cost which we can economically quantify, although in some cases it is difficult. 

  1. Increased electricity consumption
  2. Electricity consumption peaks
  3. Surcharge or payment on reactive energy
  4. Distribution losses
  5. Power and energy loss (due to the Joule effect and magnets)
  6. Enlargement of the installations
  7. Stoppage of productive process

K-Rated Transformer

The K-rated transformer commonly used in electrical industries, have more growth in transformer design that offer better performance in decreasing voltage exaggeration and power losses due to electric consonants. Eaton’s energy-efficient Harmonic Mitigating Transformer designed to handle the non-linear loads of today’s electrical infrastructures. This transformer uses electromagnetic reduction to deal exactly with the triple (3rd, 9th, 15th etc.) consonants. Secondary windings of the transformer arranged to cancel zero sequence fluxes and ignore primary winding circulating currents. This transformer addresses the 5th and 7th consonant by using phase shifting. Using electromagnetic strategies, Eaton Harmonic Mitigating Transformer allows promote in same aspect as their operator designed them, while decreasing impact of consonants to energy losses and exaggeration. Eaton Harmonic Mitigating Transformer exceeds NEMA TP-1 efficiency standards, even when analysed with 100% nonlinear loads. Wherever a K-rated transformer specified, an equal Harmonic Mitigating Transformer is a direct substitute. Power ware PDUs supplied with Harmonic Mitigating Transformer are efficient and effective at reducing the consonants produced by computer equipment and other nonlinear electronic loads.

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