Harmonic Analysis Study

Elevate the performance of your electrical system with Eaton’s Harmonic Analysis Study. Our comprehensive approach utilizes industry-leading standards such as IEEE Std 399 (Brown Book) and IEEE Std 3002.8, coupled with our proprietary best practices. By conducting harmonic analysis studies, we quantitatively assess the harmonic conditions in your system and provide tailored mitigation strategies. Trust Eaton’s expertise to optimize the harmonic resilience of your industrial and commercial power systems.

Technical costs

The Cost which brings about a loss of performance on our installation.

  1. Loss of capacity on energy distribution line
  2. Transformer overload
  3. Conductor overload
  4. Voltage drop
  5. Derating of transformers
  6. Losses on lines and machines due to the Joule’s effect
  7. Magnetic losses on electrical machines

Economic costs

The cost which we can economically quantify, although in some cases it is difficult. 

  1. Increased electricity consumption
  2. Electricity consumption peaks
  3. Surcharge or payment on reactive energy
  4. Distribution losses
  5. Power and energy loss (due to the Joule effect and magnets)
  6. Enlargement of the installations
  7. Stoppage of productive process

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