Forklift AI Based De-acceleration System.

While reversing the Forklift sometimes due to the unattentiveness of the driver
accidents happen. our AI Based De-acceleration system detects the presence of
human being (Set Objects) It detect and De-accelerate and stops the vehicle.

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Pedestrian Alert Warning System

AI has kept us up-to-date on all

Forklift Biometric Access Control

AI had to meet some of the most difficult parameters

Red Zone Light

forklift accidents involve pedestrian

Arc Zone LED Light

The Arc zone alert pedestrian

Forklift AI Based De-acceleration System for pedestrian Safety.


Forklift accidents are very common while reversing the vehicle, our system is effective in controlling such accidents. our system is based on artificial intelligence and stops the vehicle after detecting the human being within 20 milliseconds, after detecting the object that can be defined in the system and intelligence system will recognise the set object it may be MHE or Any other object.

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AI Based Deacelration system installed

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