New Forklift Operator Training

This is a fully comprehensive course designed for an individual with little or no lift truck experience. ECO Safetech makes it quick and super-simple for Operators to get their Forklift Operator’s Certificate and employers to train their workers with simple-to-use, standards-compliant Forklift Training Solutions.
This course is comprised of intensive classroom instruction, including discussion and a written test, as well as hands-on practical training and evaluation. Upon successful completion of the course, the operator will be presented with a lift truck certified as proof of certification.

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If you’re bringing on new people, reassigning responsibilities, or adjusting your processes to keep up with demand, training is vital to optimizing the security and efficiency of your operation.

Forklift Operator E-Learning

We make our industry-leading forklift operator training program available online in an e-learning module to help you instill best practices throughout your warehouse.

Forklift Certification Process!

Requires that all operators of industrial lift trucks be trained and certified in the use of their equipment before being allowed to operate it as part of their job. The certification process can be grouped into three main categories.

Operator Training With
A Difference

We offer a variety of industry-leading solutions designed to educate forklift operators on best practices in material handling environments. All programs can be tailored to meet your specific needs, applications, and workforce for greater impact and better results.

Step 1

Safety on the Move can be delivered in-person through traditional classroom training provided by Certified Operator Trainers from your local Sales & Service Center.

Step 2

Hands-on training can be conducted by Certified Operator Trainers from your local Sales & Service Center.

Step 3

Certification or re-certification of operators can be conducted by Certified Operator Trainers from your local Sales & Service Center.

Forklift Operator Training !

Designed to help protect your people, equipment, facilities, and materials, Safety On The Move is a training program for lift truck operators that can satisfy the most demanding safety officers and
mandates. Comprehensive and flexible, the program is available.

Pedestrian Training

Designed to complement your other training programs, Steps to Safety teaches pedestrians how to act responsibly around lift trucks to create a more secure and productive environment. Skills learned to include:

E-Learning Training!

E-Learning can be completed online in a comprehensive, yet modular program to meet the learning needs of both new and seasoned forklift operator.

Technician Training

Designed to help you optimize uptime by keeping your onsite forklift technicians up-to-date on the latest tools, technologies, and techniques for repair and maintenance, our Customer Technician Courses can be arranged