Eco Safetech measures important aspects of the pump’s operation including flow, discharge pressure, well lift (if applicable), and power use. The end result of a pump test is an estimate of the overall efficiency of your pump and the cost of running it under the conditions of the test.

If we find something wrong with fire pump during a regular test or inspection, we get the situation resolved as soon as possible. For the amount of time your fire pump isn’t operating effectively, your building is at high risk for damage in the case of an emergency. We Schedule a certified technician to ensure everything that needing fixing is attended to.

Apart from regular inspections and tests, fire pumps also require a bit of maintenance. Eco Safetech assure you to service hydraulic systems, mechanical transmissions, and motors on an annual basis. All other pump components should be serviced based on manufacturer’s recommendations.

Fire pumps are complex systems that present one of the greatest testing challenges to contractors and field technicians. Unfortunately, many individuals tasked with performing these tests simply lack the necessary expertise. A botched-up fire pump test may fail to discover a major problem or can result in unnecessary corrective work.


Types of Tests

Centrifugal Test

Step Drawdown Test

The well is pumped at several successively higher pumping rates and (s) for each rate (step) is recorded with time.

At least five pumping steps are needed, each step lasting from 1-2 hours.

Step drawdown test is used to determine the optimum pump rate.

Step drawdown test can be used to determine the optimum pumping rate.

Step drawdown test can be used to determine T and S from each step.


Suction Strainer

Make sure that the suction strainer is clean, and the suction valve is fully open.


To ensure that the pumps actual speed is close to its rated speed.

Engine Vitals

Check the engine vitals to enable the functionality of pump.

Fire Alarm Testing

Fire alarm testing to ensure signals and properly reset.

Visual Evaluation

Visual evaluation to identify potential problems to take the relevant action.

Meter Flow

To check the pressure of voltage and current readings.