Industrial Audits

Reducing Risk and Cost in Construction and Maintenance and securing the industries.

Safety Audit

Safety audits are performed for a variety of reasons. Each company will have their own specific list of reasons for completing a safety audit.

Energy Audit

Fuel and electricity are major expenses in any business today. Ever increasing fuel prices and stricter regulations pertaining to commercial energy consumption has made it imperative for modern business to ensure optimum utilization of energy resources and convert to cheaper and more sustainable energy resources.

Electrical Audit

Over 20% of fires which take place world wide and 40% of fireswhich occur in India are due to faulty electrical circuits.

Environmental Audit

Environmental audit is a general term that can reflect various types of evaluations intended to identify environmental compliance and management system implementation gaps, along with related corrective actions.

Fire Safety Audits

The occurrence of any fire has the potential to cause severe damage to both life and property. A Fire Safety Audit is the most effective tool for assessing the fire safety standards of your facility.