Crane Safety Light

RFID Forklift De-Acceleration System

Driver Behavior System

Speed Controlling and Monitoring System

Machine Safety Fool proofing

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EOT Crane Led Light

Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Product TypeCrane Rail
Model Name/NumberESTC-P032
MaterialCast Iron
Usage/ApplicationOverhead Cranes
Spare PartLight

Crane lights refer to lighting fixtures that are attached to cranes. These lights are used for general illumination as well as to provide warning around areas where the crane is carrying a heavy load. These lights may also be used to assist crane operators with positioning.


RFID Forklift De-Acceleration System

Service Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Memory SizeNot Require
TypeForklift Safety
Type Of SystemRFID-Based Pedestrian Warning and Forklift Deceleration Device
Yellow GrainsRFID System
Damage DiscoloredNo
BenefitsForklift Safety
MaterialPlastic, Aluminum
Installation TypeFixed


In the noisy atmosphere of the shop floor, work pressure and blind corners sometimes make Forklift a killing Machine. Flasher on Forklifts and other safety devices are not as effective as the FORKLIFT RFID

Driver Behavior Monitoring System

Driver behaviour monitoring is an important safety and cost-saving measure. Our devices allow comprehensive driver behaviour monitoring solutions with multiple flexible options to collect and review data gathered.

RFID Forklift De-Acceleration System

A speed limiter is a safety device that prevents drivers from exceeding the speed limit.

A recent study found vehicles with speed-limiting devices have a 50% lower crash rate than vehicles without such devices—the forklift speed limiter in the warehouse Improved Fuel Efficiency.


Machine Safety Foolproof protection control system

The invention discloses a foolproof protection system for a processing device, which comprises an inductor and a controller, wherein the inductor is arranged on the periphery of the processing device and used for inducting operators, and the controller is connected with the inductor and used for receiving signals transmitted by the inductor.

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