Electrical Safety Audit

- ⚡ Emphasizing the importance of Electrical Safety Audits in industries. Ensure standards adherence with tailored assessments and systematic data collection. Corrective action plans enhance safety, providing insights for continuous improvement by organizational leaders. Promote a safer work environment.

Comprehensive Electrical Safety Audit saves lives, property and Environment.

Scope of Electrical Safety Audit

  1. Reviewing Electrical System with respect to the total safety system of the location.
  2. Review of protection devices/ system of the Electrical installation of location.
  3. Examination of adequacy of Locations lightning protection system for the instrumentation/ MCC panel. Suggest recommendations/ remedial actions.
  4. To identify the training needs of employees of the location keeping in view the electrical system
  5. To review the efficacy of the earthing system of the location on the basis of IS 3043 & to suggest recommendations for improving the electrical system.
  6. Review the records, evaluate the test results & suggest recommendations as per applicable standards.
  7. Transformer oil test.
  8. Insulation resistance test of cables, motors, transformers & other electrical machines.
  9. Sample Earth Resistance Test.

Applicable Standards

  1. Petroleum Act
  2. Gas Cylinder Rules
  3. Indian Electricity Rules
  4. NBC-2005
  5. IS-Standard for Earthing systems-IS-3043
  6. IS-Standard for Electrical Safety-IS-5216-Part-I & Part-II.
  7. IS-Standard for Lightning Arrester system.

Methodology of Electricity Safety Audit

Evaluation of adequacy of ampacity of main cables viz. a viz. Length.

 Compliance to Statutory Rules

 Earthing System

 Electrical Fire Hazards

 Audit of installed meters for sufficiency & functioning.

 Audit of calibration records and periodicity of calibration.

 Any other process specific requirement particular to installation.

 Electrical Shock/ Flash / Injury Hazards

 Electrical Safety Training

 Competency and Adequacy of Electrical Personnel

Electrical Accident Investigation Procedure

 Importance of Electrical Safety in the Overall Safety System

 Electrical Preventive Maintenance

 Lightning Protection

 Electrical Protection System

 Electrical Single Line / Equipment Layout / Electrical Control diagram

 Electro-Static (ES) Hazards and Control

 PPE available viz. a viz. Requirement

 Audit of work permit procedure /LOTO.

 Audit of Electrical work plan procedure.

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