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Electrical Safety Audit

Over 20% of fires which take place world wide and 40% of fireswhich occur in India are due to faulty electrical circuits. Electrical hazards continue to threaten the safety of people and property in the form of shocks, burns, injury, fire and explosion. With electricity having become an indispensable part of our life, electrical risks should be managed effectively.

In process industries, fires arising from electrical faults are highly probable, especially in industries that handle flammable chemicals. In service industries such as information technology, telecommunications, business interruption losses due to electrical hazards (fire in server room, damage of expensive communication equipment, loss of data, fire in cable gallery, etc.) could be substantial.

If you don’t practice electrical safety, there can be electrifying results.

The more you know, the more you know how little you know about safety.

Make it your mission, not to live with an unsafe condition.

ECO Safetech  carries out Electrical Safety Audit according to systematic procedures in order to evaluate potential electrical hazards, and recommends measures to minimize/prevent these hazards (i.e. electrical shocks, electrical arcs, and electrical blasts). Our Electrical Safety Audit is a loss prevention program – property/production loss (e.g. electrical fire hazards) and loss of life/injuries to personnel.


Scope of Electrical Safety Audit

Scope of Electrical Safety Audit


  1. Physical inspection of the location with reference to applicable Indian standards, OISD standards, Petroleum rules, Indian Electricity Rules & other applicable standards.
  2. Reviewing Electrical System with respect to total safety system of the location.
  3. Review of protection devices/ system of the Electrical installation of location.
  4. Examination of adequacy of Locations lightning protection system for the instrumentation/ MCC panel. Suggest recommendations/ remedial actions.
  5. To review the Electrical Preventive Maintenance schedule (as per OISD 137) at location & to examine the documentation, check list, work permits, last records etc. To suggest recommendations as per applicable standards.
  6. To identify training needs to employees of the location keeping in view the electrical system
  7. To review the efficacy of the earthing system of the location on the basis of IS 3043 & to suggest the recommendations for improving the electrical system.
  8. Review of the records, evaluating the test results & to suggest recommendations as per applicable standards.
    1. Transformer oil test.
    2. Insulation resistance test of cables, motors, transformers & other electrical machines.
    3. Earth resistance test.
    4. Relay test.
  9. To evaluate the potential electrical fire hazards at the location electrical installation & to suggest fire protection measures as applicable standards & IE rules.
  • To review fire protection system of electrical rooms & to suggest remedial actions.
  • To identify electro static hazards at locations & to suggest recommendations.
  • The recommendations/ modified suggested should have reference to the code of practices/ applicable standards/ statutory rules under which these shall fall.
  • To check the panels, fuses, Dos, ratings of the insulations & to suggest remedial actions.

Applicable Standards for Electrical Safety Audit

  1. Petroleum Act
  2. Gas Cylinder Rules
  3. Indian Electricity Rules
  4. NBC-2005
  5. IS-Standard for Earthing systems-IS-3043
  6. IS-Standard for Electrical Safety-IS-5216-Part-I & Part-II.
  7. IS-Standard for Lightning Arrester system.

Methodology for Audit

1) Evaluation of adequacy of ampacity of main cables viz. a viz. Length.
2) Compliance to Statutory Rules
3) Earthing System
4) Electrical Fire Hazards
5) Audit of installed meters for sufficiency & functioning.
6) Audit of calibration records and periodicity of calibration.
7) Any other process specific requirement particular to installation.
8) Electrical Shock/ Flash / Injury Hazards
9) Electrical Safety Training
10) Competency and Adequacy of Electrical Personnel
11) Electrical Accident Investigation Procedure
12) Importance of Electrical Safety in the Overall Safety System
13) Electrical Preventive Maintenance
14) Lightning Protection
15) Electrical Protection System
16) Electrical Single Line Diagram / Lay out Diagram / Equipment Layout / Electrical Control diagram
17) Electro-Static (ES) Hazards and Control
18) PPE available viz. a viz. Requirement
19) Audit of work permit procedure /LOTO.
20) Audit of Electrical work plan procedure.
21) Audit of Competence of Vendors and selection criteria for there Selection for electrical erection and maintenance jobs.


The Engineers at ECO Safetech have over 25 years of experience in carrying out Electrical Safety Audit and so you know that it will be done efficiently and thoroughly every time. After carrying out the Electrical Safety Audit, a report including Observations,Hazards Identified and Remedial Action to be taken to eliminate the hazard is submitted to and discussed with the management of the facility.

ECO Safetech Electrical Auditing Services are performed by auditors with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record handling Multi-Facility EHS Audit Projects under tight time constraints.

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