Water Balance Audit

A water balance audit is used to determine how much water is being lost or unaccounted for in a water distribution system. In order to make this determination, information about the amount of water produced is compared to the amount of water distributed and billed. The difference between the two is generally termed “water loss.” water balance audits are sometimes required by regulatory agencies, but their real usefulness is in helping to make water systems more efficient.

A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold to a thirsty man.

If you Don’t want mental hydration then Think about water conservation.

Four million people die each year due to water-borne disease.


Water Balance Audits Include Several Steps.

 Top-down water audit steps include gathering information such as the distribution size, age and materials of piping, meter types, sizes and ages and flows into and out of the water system.

 Calculating water loss performance indicators and bench marking with similar water systems.

 Determining where water loss is occurring based on the metering and information analysis.

 Using bottom-up water audit steps, such as leak detection in the field, district metered areas, night flow analysis and water meter testing.


To Conduct a Water Audit
Take inventory of your water use. …

Track your water meters. …

Monitor and maintain your water usage. …

Set goals to improve your water usage. …

Identify cost-effective improvements. …

Invest in a Water Efficiency as a Service.

ECO Safetech has vast expertise in conducting water balance audits also performed water auditing for numerous water systems. We have highly trained engineers and technicians to accomplish information gathering, water loss analysis, and bench marking calculations. Our experienced technical staff also perform the field examinations of the system using specialty equipment to perform leak detection and meter testing.

Our team uses all the latest technologies to provide our clients with quality system audits that can reduce the wasteful loss of water while increasing revenues needed to operate and maintain their water system.

Knowing the amount of water loss is extremely important to water purveyors. Water is a precious commodity, and the water distribution system is a part of every city’s critical infrastructure. Wasting water or not properly billing for water harms the entire system.

ECO Safetech Water Balancing  Auditing Services are performed by auditors with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record handling Multi-Facility EHS Audit Projects under tight time constraints.

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