ECO Safetech can do HAZID audit.

Hazid Identification Studies

Conducted through HAZID (Hazard Identification), this qualitative technique facilitates early recognition of potential project hazards. Offering vital insights for development decisions, it adeptly identifies HSE hazards and threats. The study’s objective is precise hazard pinpointing and mitigation, utilizing guidewords for thorough threat identification and control recommendations. Employing session-based HAZID analysis, processes align seamlessly with the Process Flow Diagram, ensuring comprehensive risk assessment.

Identify opportunities for HAZID

  • Any special preparations required to be taken to handle these can be pre–planned.
  • Any specific process modifications if required can be established at an early stage.
  • Prepares the system & team, ready and confident to go ahead with commissioning. Avoids major surprises.
  • The major benefit of HAZID is early identification and assessment of the critical health, safety and environmental hazards that provide essential input to the project development decisions.