E-waste Management and Disposal

#1 recycler company offers computer recycling, e-waste recycling, electronic waste management, which is involved in the recycling of electronic goods through the state of art recycling process with a vision to protect and conserve the environment by recycling the end-of-life electronics. Electronic waste recycling management in India is a serious issue. These electronic wastes can lead to serious health and environmental issues. We present the most effective way to manage the problems of E-Waste. You need not worry about where to recycle old electronics. To solve the problem of e-waste, we are here to help you to recycle old electronics that are no longer useful. Recycling e-waste helps to reduce the pollution and energy by manufacturing a new product from them

Electronic Waste Management in India

ECO Safetech  is the best electronic waste management in India provides a number of bespoke solutions for the other recycling spectrum on end-of-life equipment; Asset Disposal which is in line with the recycling adage of reducing, reuse, recycle, and is performed with the total approval and support of our clients. The electronics industry is the world’s largest and fastest-growing industry. Many brands in India can’t take responsibility for their goods at end of life stage. Integrating the informal sector into the formal waste processing industry is one of the important aspects of successful e-waste management in India. Our capabilities in this Asset Disposal servicing area extend beyond traditional recycling to encompass testing, cleaning, data wiping of IT equipment.


We define our Asset Disposal solutions as finding another use for end-of-life equipment and having equipment systems dismantled, cleaned-up, data-wiped, swapped bad with good working components; in short, working-up to give a second life to the equipment in a manner that allows for the safe reuse of that equipment. Asset Disposal and Deployment services of our company is made up of:

  • Equipment Buy-back
  • Collection and Decommissioning Service (for equipment roll-out, take-back, warehousing, etc.)
  • Asset Validation and Reporting
  • Secure Date Erasure and/or Destruction
  • Testing, Repair and Refurbishment
  • Deployment Service
  • Responsible Recycling and Disposal Solutions

Benefits of Electronic Waste Management in India:

  • Recycling of e – waste is an effective way to curb the crisis of dumping huge pile of electronic items.
  • Recycling of e – scrap is important for recovering of rare earth metals and precious metals. They definitely have resale value and are a medium of profitability.
  • The recycled or obtained metals or plastics can be used for production of new devices. Thus, it also lowers the cost of newly manufactured devices.
  • This process of e – waste recycling also helps in creating circular economy. It ensures great boost the nation, state, region and society.
  • Recycling of e – scrap is also considered environmental friendly.
  • E – Waste management ensures that less amount of waste is left. Further, it contains the dangerous waste from degrading the earth and its Eco – sphere.

Further, re – use, donating, and repairing electronic items is also not called recycling. E-Waste recycling Haryana says – “recycling is a sustainable method to dispose IT waste and extract metals of value”.