Fatalities and major accidents can occur in just about every industry that requires a forklift for operation and the transport of goods and materials.

Regulating an industrial lift truck's speed plays an important part in keeping the workplace safe.

There are many factors that explain why forklifts are dangerous.

ECO Safetech think about your Forklift Safety.

Forklifts or Industrial lift Trucks (Stacker, Toe Trucks, High Rise, Hydra Etc.

Forklifts or industrial lift trucks are used to lift, stack and transfer loads in warehouses, factories, shipping yards, freight terminals and other workplaces right across India. The human and financial cost of forklift related incidents for workers, industry and the community.

STOP : at the all blind spots.

LISTEN : for horns and sirens.

LOOK : people working around you.

Bio-Metric Access Control System

Product Description :

First Time in INDIA, we are manufacturing the forklift starting with the help of Bio-metric device.

  • Our equipment can be fitted in all company forklift and compactable to diesel, gas, & electric forklift.
  • Machine having the capacity of feeding 500 operators.
  • Both RF & Fingerprint option available Reliable Technology

•Repeatable results and performance

•Proven on hundreds of millions of different demographic users worldwide  Reliable in all environmental conditions
•Hot and cold – Dry and humid – Even rain and snow! Universal
•It works on all people
•No more “it doesn’t work for me”
• No need for exception handling Easy to use
•Works on the first try, every time
•Verification is quick. No user training required


Why the need for a biometric Access Control system on Forklift :

To control the unauthorized driving of Forklift/Stacker/Side loader etc. Unauthorized drivers causing serious accidents also. It also restricts the abuse of forklift etc. To control unauthorized driving Biometric Access control system is an effective tool.

How it works :

This system is INTERLESS CLUSTER SCANNED FINGER IMAGE PROCESSING only allows Authorized persons whose finger image is stored in the biometric machine system.

For operating the Forklift/Side Loader, the first operator has to sit on the Fork Lift/Side Loader Seat, once the operator buckles up the seat belt, the sensor of the seat belt gives a signal to biometric and the authorized operator presses his finger on the biometric System, Biometric system which in turns allows Engine to operate by using key/push button.



Blue / Red Spot Light :

In the noisy atmosphere of the company and in night or in blind turn most of the time it became difficult to know the movement of the forklift, reach truck etc.  Most of the accident victims are pedestrians. To Save pedestrians and warn other approaching vehicles blue warning light is the most effective system. The innovative Lined Blue Spot driving path warning system minimizes risk without making a sound. Attached to the driver’s protective roof frame, project a blue warning spot onto the ground. This visual solution from Lined Material Handling intuitively draws attention to moving forklift trucks. It therefore significantly increases Safety, Both in aisles and at crossings where visibility is poor.


Blue / Red Spot Light

Model: ES10W
• Input Voltage – 10-110V.
• High power:10W(2x5W Cree LEDs)
• Luminous Flux:1000Lm
• Working Temperature:-45 ~85°C
• Service Life:≥30000Hours
• Color Temp:6000K
• Waterproof: IP67,Emit Blue Light.
• Low Power Consumption and Long
Term Lasting.


Red Zone Warning Light :

• To prevent accidents involving pedestrians by keeping them a safe distance away from the forklift-operating zone, also known as the Red Zone.

• 40% of all forklift accidents involve pedestrians, ensure pedestrians stay a safe distance away from the forklift with the red zone LED warning light


Red Zone Warning Light

• Input Voltage – 10-80V DC.
• Rated Power – 18W.
• Light source: High-power
Osram LED 6pcs*3w.
• Protection – IP 67
• Life time:>50000h.

                                                                                      • Certificate:E9


Safety Arc Light :

Safety Arc Light
• Light source: High-power OSRAM
• Operating Voltage:10-80V DC
• Led power:15W,Reverse polarity protected
• Material: Aluminium die-cast housing, PC cover, stainless steel bracket
• Working environment: -40°-80°
• Optional beam: Arch beam
• Lifetime:>50000h
• IP:67,
• Application: The Red Arc Safety Lamp guides the pedestrian in the correct
distance to be maintained when behind the forklift.

Imported Wireless Camera:

The forklift Safe-View Wireless Camera System is an excellent tool to give the operator a variety of different views around the lift truck and is extremely easy to install and operate.


Imported Wireless Camera

• Power Supply: 10-32VDC.
• Display: 7 inch LCD.
• Resolution: 800 x 3 (RGB) x480
• Transmitting Distance: 120 M
• Power Consumption: Max. 6W
• Operating Temperature: -20oCto +70oC

       Rear View Camera :


Rear View Camera

• Display: 4.3” LCD color monitor.
• Operating Temperature: -20ºC to +50ºC.
• Screen:-16:9 TFT LCD
• Voltage:-12 VDC


Forklift Blue Spot Arrow Light

LED Power: 10W, IP67 Waterproof, 2 high-intensity CREE LEDs, Current draw: 1.8A @ 12V, Lumens: 250-600, Aluminum build, Overheat protection at +50°C, Spot Beam, 50,000-hour lifespan, Size: 140*65*90mm, Applications: Forklift/Crane Warning Light, Quantity: 1 Piece.

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