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Audit schedule

  • 1

    On site Visit

    (Observations, Discussion with Process Owners, Taking Manufacturers Manual)

  • 2

    Discussion with Process Owners

  • 3


    Preparation of Corrective & Preventive Actions & Draft report

  • 4

    Submission of Draft Report

  • 5

    Submission of Final Draft Report

  • 6

    Handholding of Audit Observations

ECO Safetech Product Development Process

  • 1

    Conceptualization and Planning:

    Idea Generation: The starting point for new product ideas, sourced from market research, customer feedback, or internal innovation.

  • 2

    Design and Development:

    Product Design: Create a comprehensive design encompassing both physical and software elements based on the conceptualized idea.

  • 3

    Production and Launch:

    Initiate mass production post-finalizing the design. Coordinate with suppliers, establish production lines, and ensure stringent quality control.

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