Are we ready for Working in Industries and offices aftermath of Corona partial control?

Being safety consultant I have lot of Safety Professional contacts and during discussion invariably these questions comes.

  1. How will whole company be sanitized?
  2. How social distancing will be followed on conveyor line?
  3. Corona virus can come in AC offices, what is remedy to avoid it?
  4. PPE`s like Safety goggles, Helmets, face shield, etc. how to sanitize?
  5. If Social distancing is not feasible in operational areas, what to be done?
  6. Is possible to screen all the Vendors and visitors?
  7. What will be the frequency of screening and sanitizing?
  8. Big industries may adhere to the specific requirement but what about the Small industries, offices and workshops?
  9. How the awareness about do`s and don’ts to be created?
  10.  What will be the monitoring system for guidelines compliance?
  11. How the infected shoes be sanitized?
  12. Whether AC to be used or not?

Finding the solution of these concerns is very important in Post lockdown scenario.

Arun Kumar Srivastava

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