The Bow tie method is a risk evaluation method that can be used to analyse and demonstrate causal relationships in high risk scenarios.

A 'bowtie' is a diagram that visualizes the risk you are dealing with in just one, easy to understand the picture.

ECO Safetech can manage Bow-Tie Analysis.

Bow tie analysis is a hazard analysis technique which is combination of fault tree analysis (FTA) and event tree analysis (ETA). Fault tree analysis (FTA) is identifying basic events that can lead to an accident event, where as Event tree analysis (ETA) is identifying the event sequences from initiating events to accident scenarios.

Benefits of Bow Tie Analysis:
  • Highly effective for initial Process Hazard Analysis
  • Ensures identification of high probability-high consequence events
  • Combined application of a high-level fault/event trees
  • Representation of the causes of a hazardous scenario event, likely outcomes, and the measures in place to prevent, mitigate, or control hazards
  • Existing safeguards (barriers) identified and evaluated
  • Typical cause scenarios identified and depicted on the pre-event side (left side) of the bow-tie diagram
  • Credible consequences and scenario outcomes are depicted on the post-event side (right side) of the diagram
  • Associated barrier safeguards included

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