Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Unsafe Sanitizer Factories Poses Safety Hazard.

To control the spread of COVID-19 virus, hand washing and sanitizing is most important. Suddenly Sanitizer demand increased manifold and sanitizers sold many times of its original price, even then it was not available in the market.
  • To overcome this situation our Government took speedy action and authorized District administration to allow making Sanitizers in the factories even not aware of Safety precautions to be taken before starting the production. This step of Government has increased the availability of Sanitizers in the market, but it has also make these plants (those who have not taken adequate measures) prone to Fire, Safety and Explosion hazards
  • This is exactly happened in Tarapur, Mumbai few days before in a sanitization manufacturing unit. Two persons killed and one seriously injured when a powerful blast ripped through hand sanitizing manufacturing unit in the industrial area in Boisar. As per report published in Mumbai Times the blast believed to have occurred in the reactors used for this purpose.
  • Now the question which is important that whether all the precautions taken as per Explosives and factories act?
Who has verified that whether the Safety precautions were taken or not.
  • My request is that the factory directorate themselves take the lead or depute certified safety auditors to check the safety arrangement in these factories to avoid similar accidents.

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