Fire in the Hazira Gas Processing Plant Surat

Fire in the Hazira Gas Processing Plant Surat

A fire was observed in the Hazira Gas processing plant in the morning today. The fire has been brought under control. There is no casualty or injury to any person.

  • As per Surat Collector and District Magistrate Dhaval Patel, the fire was caused by a rupture in a pipeline at the gas terminal. ONGC’s plant is in Surat, a city in Gujarat.
  • “The area was cordoned off, depressurized and cooled as a part of firefighting measures,” Patel said.

“Other plants in the vicinity are operating as usual. As per the reports, ONGC plant will also become partially operational in two to three hours,” he said.

  • The fire was in the 36-inch Uran-Mumbai gas pipeline.

        A source familiar with the matter said the Hazira plant processes gas from the Bassein gas field, offshore Maharashtra state, south of       Gujarat.

  • “The fire took place in the gas terminal plant and the technical activity to reduce the air pressure has been carried out by the ONGC officials. Slowly, the fire is being brought under control. There is no need to shift the people in the area. No casualties have been so far reported.”

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