What is the Hydrant Pressure Test?

Hydrant pressure tests ensure adequate water supply to fire protection systems – and an Ultrasonic Flow Meter is an essential tool for getting the job done

Reliable sources of water are essential in a fire emergency. Hydrant pressure tests ensure this reliability by determining the pressure and rate of flow at any point in a water distribution system. This is accomplished by measuring static (non-flowing) and residual (flowing) pressure, as well the rate of discharge in liter per minute (LPM) of each fire hydrant


  1. Shut off the complete hydrant system and measure the head of the pump.
  2. Adjust the head of the pump by the existing valve of the hydrant, measure the flow of water by opening the hydrant accordingly.
  3. Hydrant to be opened to be delivered 125% of the flow.
  4. Check the rpm of the pump at each operating point.

4.Draw performance curve to show actual versus original pump data

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