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The forklift is a small industrial vehicle, having a power operated forked platform attached at the front that can be raised and lowered for insertion under a cargo to lift or move it. Forklifts serve the needs of various industries including warehouses and other large storage facilities.

FAQ regarding Forklifts

Q-1 Is Forklift a Transport vehicle.

Ans-1, Forklift is a non-transport vehicle. Ref Gazette of India (Extraordinary) Registry # DL 33004/99, Part 2- Section 3. Dated Nov5, 2004

  • Notification under Motor vehicle act (Issued by Central Govt), under section 41(4)

Q-2, Is Forklift to be registered with RTO?

Ans-2, Forklift is driven inside the plant, due to which registration with RTO is not required.

Q-3, Do Forklifts to be inspected every year by a competent person?

Ans-3, As per factories act Fork Lift to be tested by a competent person authorized by the factory directorate of respective states

(Section 29 of Factories act)

Q-4, Is a driving license required for driving the Forklifts in the plant?

Ans-4, Forklift driver should possess a valid RTO license issued by RTO. Some states ask for LCV and some for Heavy vehicle license.

  • Logically Forklift drivers are not required RTO issued driving license as the Forklift is a noncommercial vehicle as declared in Govt. Notification, but in case of an accident even in the plant, Govt. Authorities are asking for a license. As the Forklift weight in most of the cases less than 7500 kg, an LCV driving license is required.

Q-5, Before putting the Fork Lift operator on the job, is the Medical of driver necessary?

Ans-5, Before induction of Forklift drivers Medical checkup is must as per OSHAS requirement. Medical is also to be conducted as for Safe driving Eyes, Ear and physical fitness is a must.

Q-6, What is the safe limit of Forklift driving inside the plant?

Ans-6, As per OSHAS Forklift driving speed in the plant is 8 km/ hr.

Q-7, What is the safe distance to be maintained between two Forklifts while moving?

Ans-7, Three forklifts distance to be maintained between two forklifts during movement in the plant.

Q-8, What should be the frequency of refresher training course for the Forklift drivers?

Ans-8, Every three years of refresher training to be conducted for the Forklift drivers.

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