How to control unauthorized forklift driving

Handling of cargo became very easy with the help of a forklift, but it is also a dangerous piece of machinery.

Unauthorized driving is a major cause of pedestrian injuries. In factories and Warehouses unauthorized and untrained Forklift drivers pose major hazards for pedestrians. In India, forklift driving is learnt by unauthorized driving. In this learning process, these untrained and unauthorized drivers pose a major hazard and cause accidents.

Question is how to control unauthorized driving?  

  1. Train the drivers off-site and once they are trained to check their competency and after checking their driving skills, engage these trained drivers.
  2. Accidents are mostly caused by untrained and unauthorized drivers. Unauthorized driving can be controlled by.
  3. Training–By giving comprehensive theoretical and practical training to the persons intended to become Forklift driver.
  4. Engineering Control– Provide a Biometric system for the starting off the Forklift. Only persons whose fingerprints are stored in a forklift can only start the fork Lift. Any unauthorized person trying to start Forklift cannot do so. This way unauthorized driving can be stopped.

We are providing comprehensive Forklift driving training and also retrofitting of Biometric system in all your Forklifts, stackers and other lifting machines.
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