What is the Safety Audit?

The safety audit is the measure of the Organization’s Safety culture. A safety audit is a tool used by management to understand the weaknesses in safe work practice norms and legal requirements compliances.
  1. The safety audit is a structured process for critical analysis of the Organization`s efficiency and effectiveness with reference to the total health and safety management system.
  2. They are routinely conducted in order to determine whether the company is in compliance with safety legislation.
  3. Based on Gaps in Safety Management system recommendations are suggested by the auditor.
  4. These audits are further used for redesigning the Occupational health policy and programs.
  5. In a nutshell Safety audit brings the weaknesses in Occupational Safety, health, Management systems, non-compliance of statutory requirements in the Management knowledge.
  6. A safety audit should be conducted by Govt. Approved Safety professionals.
  7. For every industry for eliminating safety hazards and compliance of legal requirement, safety audit is a must.

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